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XENO Uganda Launches Automated Investment Platform

XENO Technologies (“XENO”) is an investment management firm licensed and regulated by Uganda’s Capital Markets Authority Capital Markets Authority (“CMA”) as a Fund Manager and Unit Trust Manager.


  • XENO is the first Ugandan company to be licensed by the CMA as a Fund
  • XENO is first fintech company and robo advisor to get such license in
  •  XENO uses technology to deliver professional investment guidance and
  • XENO invests both for individuals and institutions based on their unique
  • XENO gives each investor a diversified portfolio executed using four unit
    trust funds.

XENO Technologies (“XENO”) is an investment firm licensed and regulated by Uganda’s
Capital Markets Authority (“CMA”) as a Fund Manager and Unit Trust Manager. XENO
uses technology to provide professional investment advice and management to both
individuals and institutions through the XENO Platform ( Using the
XENO automated platform, people can plan, save, and invest for various financial goals
such as securing retirement, building wealth, funding education, home ownership,
funding emergencies, and generating income.

The Problem
Most people earn an income that they use to fund both current and future financial goals. Current financial needs are immediate; for example, rent, food, fuel, utilities, and so on. While, future needs occur a couple of years down the road and may include retirement, a child’s education, emergencies, among others. To finance these future needs, most people need to save and invest some of their current income. However, in most cases, deciding how much to save, and what to invest in are difficult decisions because the average person has neither the experience nor the training to make optimal investment decisions, and, therefore, they need professional guidance.

Even when people have made up their minds to save and invest and want professional guidance or execution of their investment choices, it is not obvious where to get that guidance from. The result of this unsatisfactory investment experience is that many people do not save and invest enough to meet their goals. In the instances where people save, anecdotal shows that they often do not invest their money optimally and lack a good way to monitor and measure the performance of their investments or to track the progress towards achieving their future financial goals.

The Solution
XENO has, therefore, mapped out the process for providing professional investment guidance and management; and automated it from beginning to end. By automating the process and making it easily accessible on the XENO platform (, we give people access to professional investment management in an intuitive way. The members of the public can now effortlessly invest for specific goals considering their individual risk tolerance and current financial situations.

How XENO works

XENO provides both investment advice and execution of clients’ investment choices. To start, a client visits the XENO platform ( and identifies a financial goal from a set including retirement, wealth, education, home, emergencies, and income, which matches his or her objectives. The client then maps out their unique characteristics by answering a set of questions about the investment period, current financial situation, investment experience, and attitudes towards risk. The answers to the questions are used to determine a risk tolerance for each person; based on which we recommend a diversified investment portfolio composed of the four XENO Unit Trust Funds, that is, the money fund, bond fund, equity fund, and regional fund.

One can set up an investment account online without physically coming to our offices; and then proceed to fund the goals that they set in an effortless way using various payment methods including direct deposit into the Xeno Unit Trust Fund Client Inflows account at the custodian bank – Stanbic Bank, by bank transfer, and through mobile money. The XENO team executes the investment following the recommended and agreed strategy. Every client can monitor the performance of their investment portfolio through a dashboard as well as track progress towards their targets at any time of day and on any day of the week.


In many respects, XENO is a pioneer on the Ugandan market. For one thing, XENO is the first indigenous company to get to get Fund Manager and Unit Trust Manager licenses in Uganda. XENO is also the first FINTECH company to get such licenses in Africa. We are the first company to harness the power of technology to extend access to professional investment advice and fund management services to the mass market in this region. Indeed, XENO is the first Ugandan Fund Manager to run four unit trust funds, giving investors access to a truly diversified investment portfolio. Each of our funds is a pure asset class fund representing four asset classes (cash, bonds, domestic equities, and regional equities).

XENO is the answer to the question, “How should I invest my money?”. For most people, this is not an easy question to successfully handle, yet the answer, right or wrong, has profound consequences for everyone’s financial well-being.

XENO aims to make professional investing truly effortless and accessible to all.

XENO CEO Aéko Ongodia talking to the press at XENO Offices.

XENO Platform on display

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